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Episode 25 - Some Choice As Stuff

This episode features wholesome content and a delightful substitute co-host.

Episode 24 - How to Bomb a Rainbow Warrior

We think this might be our best episode yet, and it definitely has nothing to do with us having recorded an episode right before this one.

Episode 23 - Frasier and Friends, Literally

Oh television, television!

Episode 22 - Ferdylicious

Join #teamenrique today!

Episode 21 - Get Outta My Swamp, Get Into My Car

Swamp thang, you made my heart sang

Episode 20 - Tall, Dark, and Loathsome

Something slender this way comes...

Episode 19 - Hey Brew vs. The 18th Amendment

How good's Copperhead Road though?

Limited Release #3 - Christmas 2019

It's time for Christmas cheer and Christmas beer!

Episode 18 - Goths on Goths on Goths

Goths come in all shapes and sizes. Come find out about at least one group of them!

Episode 17 - A Very Powerful Curse

Surely this is all just a bunch of coincidence and happenstance, right?

Limited Release #2 - Brewing Our First Beer Together

We drink a lot of beer, that much should be clear by now. This time, we try our hands at making our own!

Episode 16 - Crime and Other Spicy Things

Yeah, hot sauce, bitch!

Episode 15 - Topsy Got Westinghoused


Limited Release #1 - Halloween 2019

Tis the season to be spooky. Muahahahahahahaha…

Episode 14 - Sticky Bandits

Who thought a 12% beer was a good idea?

Episode 13 - More Strange Stuff from the Sea

Bigger than The Beatles, literally. It's Godzilla and Friends!

Episode 12 - The Prime Minister Was a Frogman

Let's sink a beer and discuss a sunken Prime Minister

Episode 11 - Decadence and Defenestration

Wearing my tightest pants, because it’s Midnite!

Episode 10 - Kellogg's Big Breakfast

A big breakfast in every way: 4 beers, 2 extra people, and a whole lot of nonsense.

Episode 9 - Let's Burn Rubber, Baby!

Fast cars and motormouths.

Episode 8 - Not Anna Kournikova

X-Men Origins: Pavlova (Australia vs. New Zealand Remix)

Episode 7 - Wet and Spooky

Let’s talk massive noggins and cosmic horror.

Episode 6 - Come On and Slam

Elliot and Mike apply science and beer to Australia’s favourite chocolate biscuit.

Episode 5 - Rotate the Seamen

Erratic lieutenants, portents of raves, and ships with SoundCloud esteem.

Episode 4 - Bean Juice

Coffee and beer is a Venn diagram Elliot and Mike can get behind.

Episode 3 - A Mountain of Wet Flesh

Don’t go in the water. I mean, partly ‘cause it’s all cold and wet.

Episode 2 - Ghost Ride the Whip

A big Belgian beer and an ambitious video game service that never existed.

Episode 1 - Strive to be Better

Evil walks the streets of New Orleans, but trips over its own feet...

Episode 0 Redux - Two Sensible Boys

Elliot and Mike drink sensibly and reintroduce the world to Hey Brew.

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