Elliot and Mike like beer. A lot. It's basically a cornerstone of their friendship. They also like telling stories and goofing around. So they created Hey Brew, a show about beer and storytelling.

In each fortnightly episode, one of them will present a beer (or two) and a story to the other, however tangential the connection between beer and story might be. It could be based on an ingredient in the beer, the story behind the brewery itself, or something as simple as a word from the name of the beer.

The main goal with Hey Brew is to help introduce the listener to the world of craft beer, without all the jargon and nonsense that is usually attached to it, telling entertaining stories along the way.

Your hosts

Elliot is originally from the UK, while Mike is from New Zealand. Both of them now live in Melbourne, Australia, and work in the local tech industry. Their shared interests include video games, visiting breweries, and very occasionally competing in Cornhole competitions.

Say hello at hello@heybrew.zone.

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