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Episode 83 - Wait, What Am I Eating?

I just want milk that tastes like real milk

Episode 81 - Just Deserts

It's been a while, and we're a bit parched

Episode 77 - A Different Kind of Jay Z

John Z. DeLorean is a goddamn legend and we'll hear nothing to the contrary

Episode 76 - This Planet Is Just Right

Can someone just release a hotfix for Earth already?

Episode 73 - I Ain't Afraid Of No Ghost

This beer might have you seeing things that aren't really there

Episode 65 - The Bulgarian Dissident

Talk about getting the pointy end of things!

Episode 64 - Actually Satan This Time

To quote Thin Lizzy: the boys are back in town

Episode 63 - Finnish Him!

Uh oh, more pronunciation challenges for us!

Episode 57 - Up, Up, and Away

How did we go the entire episode without making a Flight of the Conchords reference?

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