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Episode 69 - I Want To Suck Your Blood

Show me what that fang do

Episode 68 - Watch These Yōkai

I still can't find my kettle

Episode 67 - Flat Out

Here in my car, I go 1,000 km/h

Episode 66 - That's Numberwang!

69 is, unfortunately, not Numberwang

Episode 65 - The Bulgarian Dissident

Talk about getting the pointy end of things!

Episode 64 - Actually Satan This Time

To quote Thin Lizzy: the boys are back in town

Episode 63 - Finnish Him!

Uh oh, more pronunciation challenges for us!

Episode 62 - Beware The Return Of The Iberian Wolf

It's October, so you know what that means

Episode 61 - It's Sabbath, Innit?

We're all geezers round here

Episode 60 - Into The Maelstrom

Round and round we go...

Episode 59 - Laser Swords

I just think they're neat

Episode 58 - The Men Behind The Masks

Get in the ring!

Episode 57 - Up, Up, and Away

How did we go the entire episode without making a Flight of the Conchords reference?

Episode 56 - Melvin, The Lad

Melvin Belli: Man of the People

Episode 55 - The Troubles With The Kalash

Things are getting grim during this lockdown

Episode 54 - It's Too Bad She Won't Live, But Then Again, Who Does?

Some things look just a little too human...

Episode 53 - California Cheeseburgers

Finally, a lighter topic from Mike!

Episode 52 - Best Served Cold

Man it's a cold one

Episode 51 - The English Calamity

Don't mention the war!

Episode 50 - I Read It For The Articles

Ah yes, the old Easter tradition of hunting for lewd magazines in the woods

Episode 49 - Why Are Dates So Hard?

Computer says no... but only because we told it to.

Episode 48 - Venom (not the band)

Don't get bit!

Episode 47 - The House Always Wins

We're no wonks, but Gamestop stonks sure are a compelling tale right now

Episode 46 - We'll Make A Man Out Of You

Gotta get your cybernetic enhancements if you wanna grow up big and strong!

Episode 45 - Get In The Hole

It's time for a new way of living, or maybe an old way?

Episode 44 - Daddy Chrimbo

We're here to see this year out the only way we know how: with beer

Episode 43 - Stout Day Part IV: A Hairy Little Helper

A shorter story this time, but a curly one no less...

Episode 42 - Big Bird Goes to War

You ever hear about how a bunch of soldiers with machine guns lost a war to some birds?

Episode 41 - Stout Day Part III: What Goes Up Must Come Down

It is finally time to get back on the beers.

Episode 40 - The Devil's in the Details

Something wicked this way comes. Maybe? I don't know for sure, my toast just looks a bit funny.

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