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Episode 50 - I Read It For The Articles

Ah yes, the old Easter tradition of hunting for lewd magazines in the woods

Episode 49 - Why Are Dates So Hard?

Computer says no... but only because we told it to.

Episode 47 - The House Always Wins

We're no wonks, but Gamestop stonks sure are a compelling tale right now

Episode 46 - We'll Make A Man Out Of You

Gotta get your cybernetic enhancements if you wanna grow up big and strong!

Episode 45 - Get In The Hole

It's time for a new way of living, or maybe an old way?

Episode 44 - Daddy Chrimbo

We're here to see this year out the only way we know how: with beer

Episode 42 - Big Bird Goes to War

You ever hear about how a bunch of soldiers with machine guns lost a war to some birds?

Episode 40 - The Devil's in the Details

Something wicked this way comes. Maybe? I don't know for sure, my toast just looks a bit funny.

Episode 39 - Disaster on Mount Erebus

Another tale from the "New Zealand history that Mike wishes he knew more about" book

Episode 38 - The Big Drink

We promise, this one is a lot more fun than it might sound

Episode 37 - Thicker Than Your Average

Why do we keep doing episodes about wet and/or spooky things?

Episode 36 - A Nice, Leisurely Drive

Four dudes, one van, and over 4,000 kilometres add up to a very long drive, and one hell of a story

Episode 35 - Some Very Big Things

Stuck at home? Try dreaming of big things.

Episode 34 - Drinking At Home Alone, Again

We're not allowed out again, so might as well lean into it

Episode 33 - Jurassic Jeep

We were all so preoccupied with whether we could, we didn't stop to think if we should.

Episode 32 - Weird Flex, But OK

Like the man himself, we can't believe these movies exist

Episode 31 - Hey Brew Has A Posse

We didn't drink 175 beers in one sitting, but we also didn't destroy a Japanese toilet, so we'll call this one a draw.

Episode 30 - Drinking For Two

Elliot couldn't come out to play, so Mike drank for the both of them

Episode 29 - Turn It Up To Eleven

It's time for a loud beer and louder guitars!

Episode 28 - Tiger Style

This podcast is dubs not subs, sorry...

Episode 27 - Highway to the Danger Zone

5.3 standard drinks in a 375mL can? Elliot and Mike are both very thankful to both be at home for this recording.

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